A Night at The Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club:

It is a daunting thing for a newly minted EMT Basic to walk into a event full of EMS directors, ED docs, flight nurses and paramedics who are gathered to exchange ideas and lessons. It is also an incredibly valuable one. On July 25th, just one month after completing the National Registry test I attended the Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club dinner. The dining room was filled with EMS professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds representing many different agencies. The audience included the Alameda and Contra Costa County EMS directors as well as Oakland Fire and Paramedics Plus EMS Medical directors. We were gathered to hear 3 presentations: An ER doc presented on the findings of the use of helicopter intervention in a cohort of 1,073 patients with major trauma. A paramedic presented on new immersive virtual reality simulation training for first responders in mass casualty incidents. Finally a Paramedic instructor presented along side 5 of his students on the use of pre-hospital advanced airways in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and neurological outcomes. Each talk was insightful and thought provoking and reiterated how much EMS is an ever evolving field where there is always more to learn.

A Night at The Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club Video Trailer

This dinner made clear that in EMT-B with little experience has a lot to learn. It also made clear that there are exciting career paths in the field filled with great mentors dedicated to improving the process of practicing EMS. The bi-monthly dinners hosted by The Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club are a great way for anyone in the industry to learn about new aspects of the field alongside some of the industries best leaders. New EMT’s are as welcome as anyone at these dinners where everyone seems to walk away having gleaned new insights about the industry.

Written by: Aaron Sagin EMT-B and volunteer with The Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club

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