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Wrap Up From an EMT’s Point of View

Written By Chev Riley, EMT I first met Brian Oftedal and Zach Hilton as an off duty EMT in 2013. On that particular morning, a motorist collided with a car outside my house. I stabilized C-Spine until Lieutenent Oftedal (at

A Night at The Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club

A Night at The Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club: It is a daunting thing for a newly minted EMT Basic to walk into a event full of EMS directors, ED docs, flight nurses and paramedics who are gathered to exchange

Tough Call

by Zachary Hilton, Firefighter/Paramedic, OFD and Gene Hern, MD, Medical Director, OFD Raw Accounts (call from the past): The 24 hour shift was a typical one for this time of year. I commute into work on my bike. I ride