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Wrap Up From an EMT’s Point of View

Written By Chev Riley, EMT I first met Brian Oftedal and Zach Hilton as an off duty EMT in 2013. On that particular morning, a motorist collided with a car outside my house. I stabilized C-Spine until Lieutenent Oftedal (at

The First European EMS Conference

Written By Dr Anthony Rodigin, Sutter Delta ER The first European EMS conference, its central moto being “it takes a system to save a life”, was held in Copenhagen, Denmark in early June of 2016. Called by many a landmark

The Specter of Diversion

It seems that diversion is dead in Massachusetts, and even if it isn’t yet everywhere else in the country, it’s probably fair to say that it is fading away: diversion is falling out of favor with many in EMS and emergency medicine fields.

While the data on direct patient harm caused by diversion are inconclusive1, it is likely an ineffective strategy, at least in its “classic” form, when viewed from a system’s perspective. Diversion does nothing to increase ED throughput locally, and may in fact cause EMS offload delays2.